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A short bio

I was born near Thanksgiving Day in Phoenix, AZ. My mother, who was young and adventurous, took me with her across the country throughout my childhood before landing in Augusta, GA where my Aunt was stationed at the army base outside of the city. While in Augusta, a classmate saw my drawings and thought I should try out for a local magnet school for the arts that her mom taught at. With some after school lessons (thanks Mrs. Dallas) and excellent encouragement from my parents, I began attending the Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School starting in 5th grade.

It was at that wonderful public school that I met some of the most inspiring people in my life and found my artistic voice. With arts being a requirement on equal footing as math and science, I began studying  theater first, later music and finally filmmaking. A few band friends suggested I look at FSU for both music and film education and helped me meet the professors and audition for them. The school proved to be a perfect fit as it had reasonable tuition, a fully funded arts program and was a six hour drive from home (far enough to feel independent but close enough to let everyone sleep well at night).




At FSU I completed over 12 short films and studied classical saxophone under one of the greatest players and the perfect mentor: Professor Patrick Meighan.

Following FSU, I moved to NY for my "unofficial grad school" which led me from learning art via the work of a genius, Robert Wilson, to studying writing while assisting Steven Sater on the Broadway hit, "Spring Awakening." A non-profit offered to generously fund my first documentary which gave me the confidence to take on larger projects and a fully stamped passport. My wife kept me going when we formed our own production company.

Today I feel as if I'm living a childhood dream. Thank you everyone who has believed in me and helped me on this journey.

- Dee

My Artistic Philosophy

Art is a language used to give meaning to things where traditional words fall short. Filmmaking has the ability to move people in a holistic way. It can create social change, educate, validate and uncover the highest truths. I believe it is "the people's art." Film has the potential for such a far reach to share widely with audiences through advancements in technology and thus impact group thought. I look forward to meeting many more artists along the way who are here to change the world.


Photo credit by my beautiful and talented wife,  Christina.

Photo credit by my beautiful and talented wife, Christina.

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