While at film school I was able to fund my education through a music scholarship. What started off as a "day job" in college turned into a true passion. I quickly began writing music for my films when finding music from other sources was either too expensive to license or not exactly what I had in mind, being a trained musician myself. Below are some selected musical pieces I created for short films, commercial, web and feature work. There are also a few samples from the plays I wrote in the mid 2000's.

The music is featured below from works starting in 2006 until my recent compositions. Scroll through to experience the journey!



Of My God - The Final Credits Song

When my best friend Wilson gave me a collection of scenes based loosely on his childhood, my heart leaped as I related to almost every scene as if he was writing about me. The original soundtrack I wrote was a string quartet. But when we set the music to the picture, everything felt a little melodramatic. 

I later sat up one night during the post production process and wrote this song below on the piano. Wilson and I knew that this would tell the story of wonder, heartbreak and adventure portrayed in our short film.

This is the first music I ever wrote for a film project during my senior year at FSU. Enjoy!



Music for the Stage

In 2006 I moved to New York and began writing and producing original plays that were performed/workshopped in small theaters in the downtown New York theater scene. Those plays (Legends, Myths and Hieroglyphs - The L.I.E.) were accompanied with original music. Legends borrowed heavily from west african musical styles.

The L.I.E. was a product of my studies in modern Japanese compositions from college. All of these are demo tapes I recorded using Logic Pro.

Martin poster.jpg

STREETBALL - A Feature Documentary

In the fall of 2008, I was commissioned by a South African based non profit to create a documentary on some of their projects they were doing around the country. This was the first film where I mixed both my own music with local artists. To ensure the tracks mixed, I took instruments from the local bands featured in the film (drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electronica) to create the sound for the film.

Based on sounds from early 90's hip hop culture, here are a few tracks that illustrate that melting pot.


Saudade poster draft 2_webupload.jpg


While traveling abroad to Brazil, my wife Christina started writing a film of which I was more than happy to direct. That film was a no budget film by an definition with our entire production fitting into my backpack (including the camera and the computer we edited the film on). The music for this film was a step into full blown electronica for me. I was definitely listening to a lot of Talking Heads and others while writing these tracks! Enjoy!

Two Kids with a Camera, LLC

This was the time that the production company I started with my wife began creating work in the form of collaboration with other artists, companies and filmmakers. Here are a few musical examples that I wrote for several short films, web pilots, commercials and tv spots.



Moon and Sun - Back to My Own Creative Voice

From 2008-2013 I was lucky enough to be commissioned for several projects from non-profits to network television. It greatly increased the production of my music as well as being a test on how it is affecting your average viewer.

In 2014, I decided to try to combine the artistic with the commercial with my first feature film "Moon and Sun." This film involved a darker soundtrack. It borrows from some of the popular scoring styles of today while infusing my own personal style. I hope to keep going in this direction to write more effective work.



Between major projects, Christina and I began working on smaller low budget web series to test out ideas, story structure and filmmaking techniques. We used this format as well to take chances and experiment.

The music for this show was heavily influenced by Junkie XL and Bjork. Using many of the same instrumentation as previous work, I really wanted to give a strong homage to where the sound of action/sci-fi film is going today.